Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vintage Superbowl recipes and foods

Lets see - What would we all be having for our Super Bowl Parties? 

The Mom would get out all her cookbooks. Looking for the best hors d'oeuvre. Back then it was all about out doing the other women at the party.

When these came out, they were devoured! They don't make the taco-flavor anymore and that's a shame. They were really good.

There was always candy for the kids!

The father of the house, would be the one who does all the grilling. Only they called it Barbecue. Anything cooked on a grill was a barbecue. That usually meant the little lady, was in the kitchen making hamburger meat concoction because everyone thought you had to add stuff to the hamburger meat, to make it taste better. It was years, before I knew what a real unadulterated, hamburger tasted like.

The dad's usually made their own BBQ sauce and 9 times out of 10, it either had beer or bourbon in it.

Appetizers were either simple or gaudy. As a child, I liked the simple - Ritz was so tasty. Sometimes if there were a lot of children, the mom's would spread some Jif (if they were choosy) or Skippy peanut butter.  Sometimes cut up pieces of bologna would grace the cracker.

Now this is one of those gaudy appetizers. Give me bologna and cheese spread on Ritz crackers any day!

And while I know Tomato Aspic was popular - I can honestly say I never had one, nor did my mother ever fuss with anything like this.

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