Monday, November 12, 2012

Thank you - Liebster Blog Award

I want to thank Leslie from From a Daughter for the nomination.
If ever it is good to have a few followers it is now - because that is the only way you can be nominated for the Liebster Blog Award. 
The Liebster Blog award is given to bloggers who have less then 200 followers.

-Each blogger should post 11 facts random facts about themselves.
-Answer the questions the tagger has set for you, then create 11 new questions for the bloggers you pass the award on to.
-Choose 11 bloggers (less than 200 followers) to pass the award to and link them to your post.
-Go to their page and tell them about the award.
-No tag backs!

Random Facts About Me:
1.   I am 5'3 1/2 but I always round up to 5'4
2.   I wear a size 5 1/2 shoe but always have to round up to a 6 - 
3.   When I am not blogging, I am a Nanny
4.   I love German Shepherd dogs
5.   I have fibromyalga
6.   I grew up in the Haight Ashbury with my parents
7.   I love day old popcorn
8.   San Francisco is my favorite city
9.   I have a weakness for Mexican food
10. I like to decorate
11. My favorite color is lavender

 Leslie's questions for me 

  • What is your favorite time of year?  Autumn
  • Who is your favorite artist?  I enjoy the art expressions from children
  • Do you like From A Daughter on Facebook?  No but I will look for it now
  • Do you have a pet?  Yes
  • What kind of pet?   Cat and a dog
  • Do you use Spotify?  huh?
  • What is the best thing about blogging?  a great creative outlet
  • What platform do you use to blog?   blogspot?
  • What is your favorite social network?   facebook - I do not tweat
  • Do you do blog reviews?  No 
  • Have you had a good day?  Yeah it was okay - saw my Doctor. 

Blogs I have nominated for the Liebster Blog Award

and my questions to the Nominees   

1.  Your favorite social network?
2.   Do you have a facebook page?
3.   How long have you been blogging?
4.   What do you like best about blogging?
5.   What do you hope to achieve in your blog?
6.   Would you ever consider being a guest blogger?
7.   Will you have a turkey for Thanksgiving or what?
8.   Any pets?
9.   How many and what kind?
Please dear Reader - visit and make a comment on their blogs and tell them you saw them on the Vintage Boomer.  Thanks.  

PS - Yeah I know I only did 9 - that's all I could do.


  1. Thanks so much for the nomination! I am honored and most appreciative. Ok, your questions: #1 Facebook because my best friends are there. #2 Yes; I actually have several. #3 Blogging about 3 1/2 years (have 2 blogs) #4 The power of writing words that others will learn and laugh from. #5 For this blog, I like to share my knowledge with others. #6 Yes. #7 I won't have a turkey but going to friends where there will be one. #8 Yes. #9 One, a rescue who is a terrier mix.

    You may like my other blog too! ...thanks so much and nice to meet you!

  2. Woohooo - I'm a Leibster! Thanks VB.

  3. Here is my link back ...


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